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    About Agebuzz

    agebuzz gives you the latest news, info and opinion on all aspects of aging…
    when it comes to aging, we read everything so you don’t have to…

    Our Mission

    As the late George Burns once wisely said, “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” How you age, and how well you age, is some combination of wisdom, genetics, lifestyle and luck. Your instincts and insights have an important role to play- and we strongly believe that the more you know and learn, the better you can determine for yourself and your loved ones the best path forward on your aging journey.


    Our mission is to have agebuzz be the first stop in your search for essential, reliable information and insights as you grow older. We give you the latest news, info and opinion on all aspects of aging. If it’s out there, we read it- and then provide you with easy access to the best expertise and resources you and your loved ones will need- for now and going forward. We read everything about aging- and provide you and your loved ones simple and concise guidance- so you don’t have to.

    We draw from the very best and trusted sources in the information business. From health to research, from retirement to travel, and everything in between. We gather the most recent and respected news you need to make decisions- for now and for the future. With our decades of professional and personal wisdom on aging, you can rely on us. With better info comes better aging. And you can count on agebuzz to bring you that info.

    How It Works

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    Guest Bloggers

    Each week our newsletter & website feature writings
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    Are you a professional or organization looking to partner with agebuzz to provide your clients or customers trusted and timely info on aging? Or a writer or family member looking to share your expertise with an engaged and enthusiastic audience that demands accurate and up-to-date articles about all aspects of growing older? We have our arms open wide for partners, collaborators and colleagues who want to help us spread the word, and enhance the content, of agebuzz.

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    Our Amazon Affiliation

    Occasionally on agebuzz we will shine a light on a product, book or other item we think worthy of your attention. For some of those items, we will collect a very modest fee from Amazon if you purchase that item through the link we provide. But rest assured, our advice and suggestions are independent of any remuneration we receive.