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    agebuzz Guest Blogger: Susanna Barton

    Advancing Your Prescription For End-Of-Life Planning By Susanna P. Barton

    By Susanna P. Barton   The medical world is all about shades of grey and paperwork, a truth that makes go-time decision-making confusing and stressful for us and our loved ones. Let’s stop doing that and start aligning our advance care planning and healthcare decisions before crisis rules the day….

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    Financial Planning Puts The Gold In Golden Years By Susanna P. Barton

    By Susanna P. Barton   Get out your calculators, kids – it’s time to solve some advanced senior equations with a little Grand Planning and real talk about how it all adds up. Ugh. There is nothing I dread more than budgeting and financial planning. Numbers scare me and money…

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    Geris-Prudence: Getting Legit About Your Legal Affairs By Susanna P. Barton

    By Susanna P. Barton   If you’re ready to get legit about life planning, make this the month you find a well-regarded lawyer who can transform your hopes and dreams into a legal record that stands the test of time. This is step three of a workable Grand Plan –…

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    Getting Write: Pen Your Obituary, Plan Your Funeral By Susanna P. Barton

    By Susanna P. Barton   Greetings, Grand Planners! There’s no better way to share the love with your people than to get “write” with them – that is, to consider the details of your life story, the particulars of how you wish to be celebrated when you’re gone, and how…

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    Assembling Essential Information And Files: An Empowering Task For All Adults By Susanna P. Barton

    By Susanna P. Barton   Quietly sobbing and crumpled under my work desk, and spinning out over another caregiving crisis for which I had no bandwidth, I called my sweet father for advice. He was sympathetic to the challenges I faced as “the person” for an elderly couple in South…

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    Susanna Barton

    Susanna Barton is an agebuzz guest blogger addressing themes of caregiving, helping aged loved ones, and encouraging critical conversations about the senior experience. She has been a professional writer covering business, community, and senior issues in Jacksonville, FL, for nearly 30 years and currently serves on Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan’s subcommittee for eldercare. Her book Grand Plans: How to Mitigate Geri-Drama in 20 Easy Steps and its accompanying workbook, the Grand Planner, are available on Amazon and through the Grand Plans website. Follow Grand Plans on Facebook at @MyGrandPlans and on Instagram at @GrandPlans2022. Sign up for the Grand Plans newsletter via Substack and find the Grand Plans podcast on most major hosting sites. You can contact Susanna Barton at [email protected].

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