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    agebuzz Guest Blogger: Louise Applebome

    Finding Your Silence, Your Center Through Yoga By Louise Applebome

    By Louise Applebome   May this year introduce you to new levels of physical and meditative yoga.    May you find the silence…the retreat from the din and the spin and the noise that cuts you off from the sanctuary and light within.   The physical practice of yoga is…

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    Tis the Season to Back Bend By Louise Applebome

    By Louise Applebome   Oh my…it’s 2022! And, at the risk of sounding like a geezer, how is it that 2021 seems to have sped by and out of sight in a blink? Rest assured, a thoughtful yoga practice, on your own terms, of course, can help you navigate the…

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    Yoga to the Rescue! By Louise Applebome

    By Louise Applebome   A romantic relationship I was in recently went south.   We (honestly, mostly he) decided to call it quits.    Yoga to the rescue!   Instead of spiraling into inertia or defeat, I’ve been able to get to the yoga mat and find my best coping…

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    Louise Applebome

    Louise Applebome, 68, is a Certified Yoga Instructor in Dallas. After “retiring” from a vibrant and varied professional career, she became a yoga teacher. She teaches all her classes on Zoom right now and accepts students, young or older, from wherever they are, both geographically and in their pursuit of a yoga practice. Louise will help you stay fit and flexible, and release tension, aches & pains from the body…and the mind. Her yoga studio in Dallas is del norte yoga and you can reach out to her at [email protected]

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