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    agebuzz Guest Blogger: Connie Zuckerman

    The Newest agebuzz Post On Lustre: Should Your Looks Define Successful Aging?

    In case you’re not aware, Lustre is a wonderful new platform for modern women creating a modern retirement experience. Sign up to receive the latest news from Lustre here. And what follows is the latest post written by agebuzz founder and editor Connie Zuckerman for Lustre.   Want to know…

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    In Case You Missed It: Read About Agebuzz On Lustre!

    Old attitudes are changing. Retired women in the 21st century are forging new and unique paths to a more modern definition of how to live and thrive in this next phase of life. And to help them along the way, they have Lustre: an online platform and resource highlighting the…

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    Aging And Amazing: Older Adults In Our Modern World by Connie Zuckerman

    The agebuzz “#agingandamazing” Instagram campaign   It started with an impression of mine: While there’s much in the aging literature about the “invisibility” of older people in our culture, my own experience of being out in the world suggested a slightly different story: Today’s older adults are engaged, interested in…

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    No Kidding. No Sitting. By agebuzz Co-Founder Connie Zuckerman

    (This piece first appeared on, and is reprinted with the permission of, the fabulous website Lustre)   Knee-deep into my “post-retirement life,” I frequently find myself busier than I’ve ever been. So many hours are spent at the theater, sharing meals with family and friends, traveling across the country to…

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    On Creating Agebuzz By Connie Zuckerman

    A few months ago I turned 58 years old. Old to some. Young to others. It is what it is. It is what you make of it.   My children are out of the house. My parents and in-laws, while overall in good health, are in their late 80s and…

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    Connie Zuckerman

    Founder and Managing Editor of agebuzz, is an attorney and bioethics consultant with decades of professional experience focused on geriatric patient care, as well as years of personal experience as a family caregiver for older relatives.

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