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    agebuzz Guest Blogger: Mary Fridley

    Finding Hope In A Post-COVID World For Those With Dementia And Their Carers By Mary Fridley

    By Mary Fridley   Every so often, I read an article or blog that moves me so much that I want to share it with everyone I know – and even those I don’t. This was definitely my response after reading “Suffering No More – Reimagining Dementia in a Post-COVID…

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    With Gratitude For Gratitude By Mary Fridley

    by agebuzz Guest Blogger Mary Fridley   On June 18th, I moderated a conversation, Playing with Dementia: How the dementia experience can help us all embrace uncertainty, live more joyously, lead with our hearts and create a better world, with four incredibly creative and innovative dementia advocates: Phyllis Fehr, Daniella…

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    Don’t Worry About What You Know: Just Be Curious! By Mary Fridley

     By agebuzz Guest Blogger Mary Fridley   I’ve been in a number of conversations over the last few weeks about how to best relate to people who hold or express negative attitudes about any number of topics, including dementia. Invariably, the consensus becomes “We just need to keep educating people”…

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    A Gift of Dementia: “I Didn’t Know I Could Have Fun!” By agebuzz Guest Blogger Mary Fridley

    By agebuzz Guest Blogger Mary Fridley   I recently took part in a presentation in which colleagues from Reimagining Dementia: A Creative Coalition for Justice creatively introduced themselves to members of Dementia Friendly Nevada. Everyone was wonderful, but the showstopper was a musical rap by Phyllis Fehr and her grandson…

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    Dementia Reimagined: A Conversation With Mary Fridley, Advocate For A Positive Approach To Dementia

    For most people, a dementia diagnosis, either for oneself or a loved one, feels like a devastating blow: a strike at the heart of what makes a person uniquely human. Few would greet such a diagnosis as an opportunity for reimagining what is possible and positive in life. Yet, for…

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    Mary Fridley

    Mary Fridley is the pro-bono Director of Special Projects at the East Side Institute in New York City and Coordinator of Reimagining Dementia: A Creative Coalition for Justice. She is an advocate for people with dementia and believes a dementia diagnosis can be the spark for rethinking what brings meaning and even joy in life. Mary is an accomplished teacher and workshop leader who has practiced social therapy for 12 years and uses the social therapeutic approach as an Institute faculty member. She was featured in a February 2019 Washington Post article, “Changing ‘the tragedy narrative’: Why a growing camp is promoting a more joyful approach to Alzheimer’s” and, with Dr. Susan Massad, Mary has co-authored several articles on the “Joy of Dementia,” including one for the Australian Journal of Dementia Care. Mary is also a playwright, theater director, and non-profit fundraising consultant.

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