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    agebuzz Guest Blogger: Kristina Lubofsky

    Home For The Holidays: Spending The Holiday Season With Your Loved One With Dementia By Kristina Lubofsky

    By Kristina Lubofsky   My Grandpa Fred loved the holidays. He would sit at the head of our Christmas dinner table, gesture to everyone, and say “Gee, isn’t this wonderful, us all together like this?” It wasn’t about the gifts, the decorations, or even the food: It was about us…

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    Adapting Summer Activities For People Living With Dementia By Kristina Lubofsky

    By Kristina Lubofsky   Summertime is here, and there is usually (weather permitting!) an emphasis on getting outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. There are so many benefits to enjoying the great outdoors, including improvements in mood and mental health, boosts to the immune system, and help regulating…

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    Craving Connection: Why Activities Should Be At The Forefront Of Dementia Caregiving By Kristina Lubofsky

    By Kristina Lubofsky   My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease just a few weeks before she lost her husband to the very same disease. In fact, she returned home from a psychiatric rehab facility just three days before her love of 64 years passed away. Afterward, she was confused,…

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    Kristina Lubofsky

    Kristina Lubofsky, MS, is a gerontologist certified in brain health and dedicated to enriching the lives of older adults. She’s had three Alzheimer’s diagnoses in her family: her father’s mother and her mother’s parents. It inspired her to create a company that distributed activities designed to promote learning, better brain health, and quality of life for older adults. Now, she runs a support group for caregivers of those living with dementia through the Alzheimer’s Association and advocates for dementia care and better brain health through her writing.

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