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    agebuzz Guest Blogger: Lance A. Slatton

    Navigating Resistance: A Guide To Home Care For Independent Seniors By Lance A. Slatton

    By Lance A. Slatton   As individuals age, the desire for independence remains a fundamental aspect of their identity. However, as the challenges of aging become more apparent, the need for assistance may arise. For many seniors, accepting help at home can be a significant hurdle, often met with resistance…

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    Rethinking Home Care: When Is The Right Time To Re-Evaluate? By Lance A. Slatton

    By Lance A. Slatton   Providing care for a loved one at home can often be a rewarding but challenging journey. While many families aspire to keep their loved ones in a familiar environment, there may come a point where re-evaluating the caregiving situation becomes necessary. Recognizing when it’s time…

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    Key Questions for Navigating Home Care By Lance A. Slatton

    By Lance A. Slatton   The decision to provide home care for a loved one comes with a myriad of considerations, questions, and concerns. Families often find themselves navigating a complex landscape as they strive to provide the best possible care within the comfort of their homes. In this article,…

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    Home Care: What’s Essential And What’s A “Luxury” By Lance A. Slatton

    By Lance A. Slatton   Caregiving is an important public health issue and impacts the quality of life of millions of individuals in the United States and across the globe. Caregivers provide critical care and assistance with another person’s social, personal, or health needs and are often unpaid family members…

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    A Guide To Making Home Care Work For You By Lance A. Slatton

    agebuzz is very pleased to welcome Home Care Expert Lance A. Slatton as our newest Guest Blogger! Lance’s expertise offers agebuzz readers a comprehensive opportunity to learn everything important about the provision of home care services for yourself or your loved ones. Today’s initial post addresses home care basics and…

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    Lance A. Slatton

    Lance A. Slatton CSCM is a healthcare professional with over 18 years in the healthcare industry. Lance is a senior case manager at Enriched Life Home Care Services in Livonia, MI. He is also host of the podcast All Home Care Matters, a podcast and YouTube channel. By subscribing to All Home Care Matters, you will gain access to a wealth of information and tips that can help you provide the best possible home care for your loved one. Lance writes a monthly column on McKnight’s Home Care website and he was named a 50 under 50 for 2023. Lance’s brand new book, The All Home Care Matters Official Family Caregivers’ Guide, is a road map for family caregivers from the start of their caregiving journey to the end, and everything in between. Lance can be reached at [email protected].

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