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    agebuzz Guest Blogger: Julie Buyon

    Perfect Presents for the Patient (Powerhouse or Not!) By Julie Buyon

    By agebuzz Contributing Editor Julie Buyon   As we head into the holidays, our thoughts turn to gift-giving and perhaps wish lists for presents we hope to receive. Whether you’re a patient or know someone who is, here are some suggestions for gifts that are sure to be appreciated.  …

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    The Palliative Care Team – They Have Your Back By Julie Buyon

    By agebuzz Contributing Editor Julie Buyon   One of the best-kept secrets in the world of health care is palliative care. I say “secret” because even though this board-certified medical specialty has been available for more than a quarter-century, many people still don’t understand it. Many doctors don’t fully understand…

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    The Powerhouse Patient Asks: Do I Need An Ethics Consultation? By Julie Buyon

    By agebuzz Contributing Editor Julie Buyon   Did I do something wrong?  (No). Is my doctor behaving unethically? (Probably not). Is my treatment plan immoral? (Unlikely). Then why bring up ethics? Health care ethics (also known as bioethics or medical ethics) can help us make health care decisions that are…

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    The Powerhouse Patient: Determining Whether A Patient Navigator, Patient Advocate, or Patient Representative Is Right For You

    By agebuzz Contributing Editor Julie Buyon How often have you called an insurance provider or hospital billing department to hear “Please hold for the next available patient advocate”? You, savvy reader, know instinctively that the “patient advocate” to whom you will be connected will neither be patient nor an advocate…

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    The Powerhouse Patient Answers Your Questions About….Procrastination

    By agebuzz Contributing Editor Julie Buyon   Announcement: The Powerhouse Patient is now taking questions – and providing answers!  If you have a question about being an empowered and fierce health advocate for yourself or your loved ones, send it to [email protected]   Q: I have found myself delaying or…

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    Applying the Golden Rule – Be a Person Rather Than a Patient By Julie Buyon

    By agebuzz Contributing Editor Julie Buyon   Many of us find that interacting with our current healthcare system can be a cold, impersonal, and fractured experience. While there are legions of advocates trying to change that, one of the most powerful things you can do to improve the quality of…

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    Julie Buyon

    Julie Buyon is a palliative care patient advocate who assists people who have serious and complex illnesses navigate a challenging health care environment. Her focus is on making patients feel empowered and powerful. She has worked in hospitals and nursing homes, and run many community programs for seniors about health care. She is also a potter and most of her clothing has mud on it someplace. Julie is a graduate of Northwestern University (BS) and Sarah Lawrence College (MA Health Advocacy). Her favorite question for the patients she meets with is “What can we do to make this better?” and her favorite – and most frequent – answer is “I think we can help you out with that!

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