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    Yoga to the Rescue! By Louise Applebome

    By Louise Applebome


    A romantic relationship I was in recently went south.


    We (honestly, mostly he) decided to call it quits. 


    Yoga to the rescue!


    Instead of spiraling into inertia or defeat, I’ve been able to get to the yoga mat and find my best coping skills. Instead of letting anger or resentment reign, I’ve been able to accept and embrace all that was good about our liaison. 


    Reflecting quietly and meditation are such key components of any yoga practice. And, they can be the perfect place to go to calm and quiet a potential tsunami of thoughts and feelings. The quiet time to breathe and get present helps to prevent the mind from veering off into false, imaginary, and unproductive narratives.


    And, the physical practice and poses (asanas) also help to keep the mind and emotions in check. Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana) for instance, an inversion, works wonders for helping to even out emotions and to find peace of mind. Plus, the release of endorphins can be mood-altering. Restorative Yoga, a group of relaxing poses that include many props for comfort and that can each be held for ten minutes or more, helps the hurt and/or confusion to subside. 


    My yoga discipline is what’s helping me to see only the positive and the possibilities that will result from the ending of the relationship. Long walks help, too. 


    Yoga teaches us to listen deep within and to take the best care of ourselves. And, those skills are invaluable when faced with disappointment, sadness, and loss. 


    We know curveballs, and worse, can’t be avoided. That is what it is to be human and engaged with the world.


    But yoga can be a useful tool in helping us to find equilibrium and solace in the heart, mind, body, and soul. 

    Onward!!! Know any nice single men in Dallas? 

    Louise Applebome, 67, is a Certified Yoga Instructor in Dallas. After “retiring” from a vibrant and varied professional career, she became a yoga teacher. She teaches all her classes on Zoom right now and accepts students, young or older, from wherever they are, both geographically and in their pursuit of a yoga practice. Louise will help you stay fit and flexible, and release tension, aches & pains from the body…and the mind. Her yoga studio in Dallas is del norte yoga and you can reach out to her at [email protected].