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    Yoga Props Are Our “Friends” By Louise Applebome

    By Louise Applebome


    Let’s talk about props.


    From the start of our online Yoga classes (and long before that), I’ve touted the importance of using yoga props to foster a smart and safe practice. The goal is to get poses to adjust to your body, NOT to force your body to adapt to unnatural and ill-advised ways, into a pose. 


    This is where props become so essential.


    Basic props include: A Yoga mat (sticky) Yoga blankets, a Yoga strap/belt, and Yoga blocks (2). Different size Yoga bolsters are a great addition. And, a backless Yoga metal folding chair opens up a whole host of opportunities for expanding your practice.


    Early on in our Zoom classes, I also stressed workarounds and materials and objects you already have in your homes that could fill in for “official” Yoga props. I understood that nobody wanted to make a large investment when we thought virtual Yoga classes might be very short-term. Of course, now we know they’re here to stay. 


    So, if you put off purchasing the basics, perhaps now is a good time to bite the bullet and acquire the props that will help you get in better touch with your body, and your needs, and allow you to continue to grow your practice to new and next levels. Maybe it’s time to improvise less with stuff around the house and to get the satisfaction of adding that next layer of personal touch to your home practice. 


    It really does feel good to have your own stable of Yoga supplies. Here are two options for online purchases:



    Of course, there are many more e-tail options and plenty of brick-and-mortar sites at which to shop, too.


    And, if you need more info or guidance about what to buy, shoot me an email and I’m happy to help.

    And, remember: “PROPS ARE OUR FRIENDS!”


    Louise Applebome, 68, is a Certified Yoga Instructor in Dallas. After “retiring” from a vibrant and varied professional career, she became a yoga teacher. She teaches all her classes on Zoom right now and accepts students, young or older, from wherever they are, both geographically and in their pursuit of a yoga practice. Louise will help you stay fit and flexible, and release tension, aches & pains from the body…and the mind. Her yoga studio in Dallas is del norte yoga and you can reach out to her at [email protected]