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    Tune Out the Cacophony; Tune Into “Self” By Louise Applebome

    By Louise Applebome

    (Photo by Elisabeth Luse)


    I don’t think I would be going out on a limb if I said the world has gone mad. 


    Few could deny the vitriol and violence being slung about in the political realm. Disinformation,  misinformation and out and out lies run rampant in public discourse, on the world wide web, and pretty much every way you turn. Just consider all the doubt and confusion surrounding COVID-19 and its offspring, alone.  


    So much NOISE. So much tumult. So many distractions and toxicity in society.


    And, through sleight of hand, while we tried to carry on with love, work, family, and functioning on this earth, it feels to me like our connection to “self” has been hijacked. The cacophony is so loud and so discordant that it drowns out our lifeline to our true nature. It’s caused us to become disassociated from who, what, and where we are. 


    The barrage of stimulation pounding us daily can be like living in a dystopia. Science fiction becomes non-fiction…real life on earth.


    I admit that I paint a gloomy picture. 


    Is there any way out? 


    Yes. And, in fact, there’s also a way in. There’s a way back to finding your true essence and the ability to block out the din and the spin. It’s what we do on the yoga mat. We move from hearing and absorbing the insanity to “listening” inward. That’s where we find the answers we’re searching for; not amongst the conspiracy theorists and others selling snake oil via their bullhorns. 


    It’s so important to redirect the “listening” inward. Granted, hearing loss seems to be more and more prevalent lately, and not just among the older set. But the inner “listening” doesn’t require acing a hearing test. It’s not about using the ears. It’s about getting rid of the racket that follows you around…casting it off…traveling light. 


    It’s as if we’ve allowed our “selves” to be erased. It’s as if the goodness of humankind has been sabotaged by misguided forces. 


    Through mindfulness and meditation, we’re reminded that discernment and thoughtfulness are the bulwarks of decent and civilized conversation and co-existence. 


    Tolerance, too. 


    But, it’s really easy to lose track of that when might overpowers right. 


    But, we can reconnect with our essence and goodness through “listening” inward and listening to others. 


    Less NOISE and more quiet. Maybe then we’ll restore peace on earth.  A woman can dream…




    Louise Applebome, 68, is a Certified Yoga Instructor in Dallas. After “retiring” from a vibrant and varied professional career, she became a yoga teacher. She teaches all her classes on Zoom right now and accepts students, young or older, from wherever they are, both geographically and in their pursuit of a yoga practice. Louise will help you stay fit and flexible, and release tension, aches & pains from the body…and the mind. Her yoga studio in Dallas is del norte yoga You can reach out to her at