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    Travel Bug: Ideas For Planning Your Next Travel Adventure

    Given the new year, it’s likely many are planning travel adventures for the months to come. If you’re a baby boomer, marketing experts think they have you pegged for a certain kind of travel, including why you’ll travel, where you’ll likely go and what accommodations you’ll want. But regardless of where you go and with whom, it’s always valuable to get some expert advice.


    You may remember that back in October, agebuzz Contributor Kathleen Rehl wrote a terrific post on her weekend getaway with some longtime girlfriends. If that planted a seed in your thinking about travel plans for this year, you may be interested in a new piece on the website My Itchy Travel Feet. Written by travel expert Julie Diebolt Price, Planning a Girls Trip for Baby-Boomer Women provides plenty of details about how to make sure such an outing comes off without a hitch. From deciding whom to invite to planning the activities and accommodations, you’ll find valuable info and suggestions to ensure success. 


    And speaking of travel success, if adventure around the globe is on your bucket list, then you need to meet Linda Malys Yore, founder of the blog Linda On The Run. Finding herself single after decades of raising her children while crisscrossing the US in an RV, she’s learned the lessons- both good and bad- about how to travel, when to economize and when to splurge in order to get the most out of your wanderlust. Now 67, with an Instagram following of over 50,00 people, she may be just the inspiration you need to get off the couch and onto a plane. With tips for traveling lightly and ideas for spending wisely, you’ll surely learn something from her travel experiences. So prepare your backpack and read more here.