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    My First Total Eclipse: “Far Out!” By Louise Applebome

    By Louise Applebome   As my friends and family will tell you, I’m not a math person. Nor am I a science person. I understand that technology is as necessary as food and shelter to get on in the world these days, but if I could get along without it…

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    Geris-Prudence: Getting Legit About Your Legal Affairs By Susanna P. Barton

    By Susanna P. Barton   If you’re ready to get legit about life planning, make this the month you find a well-regarded lawyer who can transform your hopes and dreams into a legal record that stands the test of time. This is step three of a workable Grand Plan –…

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    Rethinking Home Care: When Is The Right Time To Re-Evaluate? By Lance A. Slatton

    By Lance A. Slatton   Providing care for a loved one at home can often be a rewarding but challenging journey. While many families aspire to keep their loved ones in a familiar environment, there may come a point where re-evaluating the caregiving situation becomes necessary. Recognizing when it’s time…

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    The Rookie Retiree By Renee Langmuir: The Initiation: Managing the First Serious Illness

    By Renee Langmuir   There are no instruction manuals for navigating a first serious illness. Even nurse navigators with all good intentions, and a very helpful title, might overlook something compelling. A little shared wisdom and experience would have gone a long way, recently, for my husband and me.  …

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    Elephant in the Room By Kathleen M. Rehl

      We all know we’ll meet our end But with silence we pretend That’s not our fate, won’t happen to us We push it aside with little fuss. Tiptoeing around the pachyderm To skirt the end-of-life alarm Wills, trusts, and directives Decisions wise but often postponed Yet, the elephant looms…

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    Been There, Done That: Nine Decades And Counting By Alice Herb: Three Plus Careers

    By Alice Herb   I’m often asked how I managed to have three distinct careers during my professional life. I hadn’t actually ever thought about it seriously until I was asked to share my story. As I started thinking about it, I realized a few years ago I had seamlessly…

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    Getting Write: Pen Your Obituary, Plan Your Funeral By Susanna P. Barton

    By Susanna P. Barton   Greetings, Grand Planners! There’s no better way to share the love with your people than to get “write” with them – that is, to consider the details of your life story, the particulars of how you wish to be celebrated when you’re gone, and how…

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    Foot-loose, Fancy-free & Fearful By Louise Applebome

    By Louise Applebome   I’ve always had a bit of a rebellious streak.   I seemed to innately, even at a very young age, want to buck the trends and reject convention. You could call it anti-establishment.   Needless to say, it drove my parents to distraction and also made…

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    Well-Lived By Dave Donelson

    Writer Dave Donelson left his successful business career in 1999 to become a full-time freelance writer. In 2020 he completed a memoir of his life growing up (entitled Fathers: A Memoir) and began a daily journal where he posted his thoughts, observations, and insights each day. Titled “Journal of My Seventieth Year: A Memoir In…

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    Key Questions for Navigating Home Care By Lance A. Slatton

    By Lance A. Slatton   The decision to provide home care for a loved one comes with a myriad of considerations, questions, and concerns. Families often find themselves navigating a complex landscape as they strive to provide the best possible care within the comfort of their homes. In this article,…

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    Julie Buyon

    Julie Buyon is a palliative care patient advocate who assists people who have serious and complex illnesses navigate a challenging health care environment. Her focus is on making patients feel empowered and powerful. She has worked in hospitals and nursing homes, and run many community programs for seniors about health…

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