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    In And Out Of My Comfort Zone By Louise Applebome

    By Louise Applebome   I admit it.   It’s the truth.   I am not one who often likes to emerge from my comfort zone.   In fact, the COVID lockdown was fine with me because it allowed me to stay home…in my ultimate sanctuary and comfort zone, and to…

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    Two Old Men By Dave Donelson

      Announcement! Dave Donelson’s New Book, Visions of a Certain Age, has just been published and is now available for purchase! Visions of a Certain Age chronicles the highs and lows of growing older in today’s America. You’ve seen many of Dave’s inspiring graphic poems previously on agebuzz. Now you…

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    The Rookie Retiree By Renee Langmuir: Is Retirement Housekeeping A Curse?

    By Renee Langmuir   Whenever I am in a medical office and I need to make the next appointment, I always tell the receptionist I can come anytime because I am retired. Such an interchange prompted my partner in conversation, who was nearing retirement age herself, to tell me that…

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    Been There, Done That: Nine Decades And Counting By Alice Herb: A Lovely Story

    By Alice Herb   I have told this story many times but finally, friends have urged me to write it down for all to read. It started when my older son, Ricky, was so off the rails that he missed school 34 out of 40 days. I was dumbstruck but…

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    CBD and Cardiovascular Health By Bonnie Hagen

    By Bonnie Hagen   Your heart changes with age, and those changes may increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of disability, limiting activity and eroding the quality of life for millions of older people. The most common change to people’s cardiovascular system as they…

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    Environments Matter by Mary Fridley

    By Mary Fridley   Last month I had the pleasure of attending a conference hosted by the British Society of Gerontology (BSG), which invited me to present on the social therapeutic approach I’ve used in the creation of The Joy of Dementia (You Gotta Be Kidding!). Social therapeutics is a…

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    The Rookie Retiree By Renee Langmuir: Have You Reset Your Shopping Habits?

    By Renee Langmuir   As we age, one of the challenges we face is casting off familiar roles. I used to gleefully describe myself as a mother, teacher, and dancer. I could never visualize a world where any of these roles would recede. If I was honest with myself at…

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    A New Twist; A New Nuance By Louise Applebome

    By Louise Applebome   When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March of 2020, I immediately shifted all my yoga classes online onto Zoom. It seemed only prudent not to let folks into my yoga studio (which happens to be in my home) and instead, to begin to adopt the protocols…

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    Been There, Done That: Nine Decades And Counting By Alice Herb: Fear Or Anxiety

    By Alice Herb   Now that I’ve written two posts on “anxiety,” I’ve become fascinated with the meaning of that word. Looking it up, I also turned to the difference between “fear” and “anxiety.” According to my Google search, ”Fear is an emotional reaction to a specific real danger while…

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    Adapting Summer Activities For People Living With Dementia By Kristina Lubofsky

    By Kristina Lubofsky   Summertime is here, and there is usually (weather permitting!) an emphasis on getting outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. There are so many benefits to enjoying the great outdoors, including improvements in mood and mental health, boosts to the immune system, and help regulating…

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    Julie Buyon

    Julie Buyon is a palliative care patient advocate who assists people who have serious and complex illnesses navigate a challenging health care environment. Her focus is on making patients feel empowered and powerful. She has worked in hospitals and nursing homes, and run many community programs for seniors about health…

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