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October 5th, 2017

Good morning and welcome to agebuzz… Headlining today’s topics:

An Ounce Of Prevention: Time To Seek Out The Annual Flu Shot: Now that we're in October, you'll begin to see the usual signs of fall- pumpkins everywhere, leaves on the ground and reminders about getting your flu shot. The CDC recommends you get it by the end of October, and there are predictions that this year could bring a bad flu season, given what's been seen elsewhere in the world. Some of us are reluctant to get the shot, as we think it could in fact give us the flu. Take a look Here to see why that's not scientifically likely. It is true that the shot is not always effective, but even if it's only modestly helpful, there is very little downside to getting it, and especially for older people, avoiding the flu is extremely important. Researchers now think you can even boost the effectiveness of the shot by maintaining a good mood when you get the vaccine. Check out that research Here. Finally, when your head starts to hurt, and throat begins to feel scratchy, how do you know whether it's just a cold coming on, or something more serious like the flu? Well, Consumer Reports has a handy little chart to compare and contrast symptoms and give you advice about what to do. So grab your box of tissues, and check out the chart by Clicking Here.

Make A Move: For A Longer Life, Keep Moving And Carry On: As you’ve probably heard, sitting is the new smoking. Mounting research shows that sedentary behavior is associated with serious health risks such as obesity, heart disease and even premature death. Getting off the couch or out of your chair is essential, and a recent study even recommends you get up from sitting every 30 minutes. So stand up and check out that advice Here. Furthermore, additional new research suggests that the combination of sedentary behavior with hours of watching television can lead to decreased walking mobility. Increasing your activity level will help: you don’t have to run a marathon- just walking or doing household chores can make a difference. Read more about this study Here. Finally, to balance that additional activity, experts recommend you also need regular strength training, to maintain your balance and lessen the risk of falls. Even just carrying your own groceries can provide that extra bit of increased muscle strength you need as you age. So, as the British say, Keep Calm and Carry On... and Read Here.

Eye Opener: Help When Your Vision Begins To Decline: Regular vision and hearing check-ups should be part of everyone's strategy for healthy aging.  As Jane Brody recently reminded us in The New York Times, there's a connection between poor vision or hearing and cognitive decline, so keeping on top of problems as they arise becomes essential. For some seniors, however, no matter how careful and conscientious they are, deteriorating vision will become a fact of life. There are, however, techniques and products available to lessen the burden of vision loss and to help those who suffer continue to navigate everyday life. The Tech-Enhanced Liferecently published some advice about aids and resources to help those with low vision, as well as apps that can make it easier to use your mobile device if your vision is problematic, and can even turn your phone into a magnifier or other source of assistance for the visually impaired. So shine some light on this problem, and Read Here and Here.

Eat, Drink And Be Merry: Are You Ready To Retire With Jimmy Buffett?: With all of the serious problems in the world right now, your strongest desire may be to escape- to some fantasy place or remote destination...or perhaps to Margaritaville?  If you grew up in the 70s, you likely remember the Jimmy Buffett song about a relaxed, seaside retreat where grabbing your drink and watching the Florida sunset seemed like a pretty good way to live. But did you know that in real life you can actually live this kind of life, or at least be surrounded by the vibe that the song made famous? If you go to Buffett's website, Margaritaville, you can immerse yourself in all the ways Buffett has commercialized his song and made it a life-style brand. And now, that branding has grown to include Margaritaville retirement communities. So grab your martini glass and read more about retiring in this style by Clicking Here. And, on a more serious note, if Margaritaville has little appeal, maybe you need to think about what you are looking for in a retirement destination. Check out these considerations when thinking about where to retire byReading Here.

Risk Management: Actions That Can Lessen Your Risk Of Heart Problems (And Shingles): Anyone who has a family or personal history of heart issues should always be on the lookout for ways to lessen the risk of future problems. Two recent studies provide evidence of some concrete measures to take if you may be at risk. First, according to a recent study published in Circulation, if you've been prescribed a baby aspirin due to previous heart problems such as stroke or heart attack, the clear message is: Don't Stop Taking It. According to this research, those people who begin an aspirin regimen but then taper off as time goes by put themselves at higher risk for future heart conditions. Read more about this important studyHere. And in another study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, researchers reviewing years of health data determined that people who become afflicted with shingles may then be more susceptible to a stroke or heart attack, especially during the first year of the onset of shingles. Those of you who have had shingles know how painful that can be- adding the risk of future heart problems just makes the case to get vaccinated against shingles that much more compelling. Check out the CDC recommendations for getting a shingles vaccine Here

That's A Wrap: At Age 70, Diane Von Furstenberg Has Advice And Fashion For You: Women who were in the work world in the early 70s almost inevitably owned the "wrap" dress- the iconic garment made by designer Diane Von Furstenberg, who championed the strength and vitality of working women then, and who continues to do so today, as she herself still works in the fashion world at the age of 70. As the daughter of Holocaust survivors, she grew up in Belgium and has had a rich and storied life, full of ups and downs, as she has pursued success and forged her own unique identity. You can read more about her biography and life's work Here. Unlike some fashionable women, Von Furstenberg proudly claims her age, telling people "It's an achievement!"  Still vital and producing fashion forward designs, Von Furstenberg was featured in a New York Times video about her drive and creative process. So wrap yourself up, and Watch Here.

THE LAST WORD: “The only good thing about getting older is you get smart enough to avoid unnecessary problems. You know what's worth spending time on and what's not." Tom Petty