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October 20th, 2016

Good morning and welcome to agebuzz… Headlining today’s topics:

Trash It: How To Get Rid Of Expired Drugs: Most of us have old or expired prescription drugs sitting in our medicine chests. We no longer need or use them but just can't figure out a way to safely dispose of them. The solution? Two days from now, on Oct. 22, 2016, is the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Holding on to old medications poses a risk to others who shouldn't have access, and to yourself should you mistakenly ingest them. This national day to get rid of your old medications offers a safe and responsible way to clean out your cabinets and be environmentally responsible in the process.  Where's the nearest disposal site for you this coming Saturday? To find out, Read Here.

Mad Money: Earning Extra During Retirement: If you're not familiar with Margaret Manning, you should meet her: Her website, Sixty and Me, is an online platform for women over 60 to share opinions and insights. Recently, Margaret queried her subscribers about creative ways they've found to bolster their retirement income. The responses? Fascinating and free wheeling, from services such as Rent a Grandma or dog vacation boarding, to freelance copywriting positions or renting out unused objects from your home. The array of money making-opportunities is vast, if you know where to look. So take out your work gloves and Look Here. 

Lend An Ear: The Future Of Treating Hearing Loss: Take off your headphones and listen to this: Millions of us suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus, conditions which can significantly affect our quality of lives and day-to-day functioning. While this poses a worrisome future for many of us, drug companies see a more rosy future as they anticipate the multi-billion dollar market for effective treatments. Research is under way to develop better technology to deliver medications into the inner ear or regenerate the tiny hair cells and connected nerves which can lead to hearing loss when damaged or killed. Curious as to what new advances are working their way to the market?Click Here.

Walk This Way: Retirees Look To Ditch The Car: We all know the health benefits of walking. But are you ready to ditch your car in favor of walking as your primary mode of transport? That, in fact, is the new trend in retirement planning. According to a recent New York Times article, if you want to "age in place" you really have to think more broadly about "aging in community." What do you want your retirement environment to look like? For many, the goal is to ditch the car, live in a vibrant, dense community and walk to everyday activities. That may be an expensive proposition, but urban planners are now grappling with how to make it more accessible for the wave of retirees to come. To find out how, Read Here.

Break A Sweat: Strength Training For Longer Living: As you know, exercise, even in small doses, is essential for healthy aging. But exercise means more than just a walk or bike ride. You also need to ensure that all your major muscle groups get regularly challenged with strength training. In fact, the benefits of just twice weekly strength training are significant for lowering mortality risks. Yet only 9% of older adults report engaging in weight lifting or other strength promoting activities.  To start, you need to go slow, and check in with your physician and a certified trainer. But once you begin, sore muscles aside, you'll come to see the value of working those abs and strengthening those calves. To map out your plan, grab a free weight and Read Here. 

Your Day Will Come: The Broadway Debut Of 77 Year Old Denis Arndt In Heisenberg: It's not likely that a lonely older man will be kissed on the neck by a complete stranger as he sits alone in a train station. And it's also unlikely that a regional actor from the west coast will make his Broadway debut at age 77. But both of those occurrences now appear in the new Broadway play Heisenberg, starring Mary Louise Parker and Denis Arndt. Not your typical Broadway star, Arndt has spent much of his acting career in regional theater in Oregon and Washington. But Heisenberg is not your typical romance either. It tells the story of the connection and coming together of two unlikely lovers- a lonely older butcher and a younger, unhinged woman in desperate search for her long lost son. The performances are passionate and playful and demonstrate that love- like Broadway roles- may come when you least expect it. Find out more about the luminous Denis Arndt Here.

THE LAST WORD: “Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life." Kitty O'Neill Collins