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March 1st, 2016

Good Morning and Welcome to agebuzz… Headlining today’s topics:

Lab Report: Possible New Alzheimer’s Test: Right now there is no specific medical test to definitively diagnose Alzheimer’s in patients thought to have this dreaded disease. Often the diagnosis is not confirmed until an autopsy after death. However, scientists have recently reported that an early urine test to diagnose Alzheimer’s may be on the horizon.  Read More

And Another Possible Test in the Works: Read here about this 5 minute eye tracking test for Alzheimer’s currently under development

Adapt and Thrive: New Transportation Options for Older Non-Drivers: Transportation back and forth, to the doctor, to the clinic, to physical therapy- often one of the biggest hurdles for older persons with medical problems who don’t drive…and often one of the biggest worries for faraway caregivers and concerned relatives…Now, thanks to LYFT, older patients may be able to securely and confidently arrange for this needed transportation even if they can’t operate a smartphone!  Read More  

Alternatively, you may find that app-based transport services, such as LYFT or its rival UBER, are possible sources of retirement income...  Read More

Here’s The Story of One Older Uber Driver: Read More

Moan and Tone: Strong Legs = Strong Brains? 
While the benefits of exercise for physical well being are widely known, did you know that there is now solid evidence linking strong legs with strong mental clarity into old age? Mother/daughter squats anyone? Read More 

Aging Myths: Fact or Fiction: Carrots and Your Eyes:
How much of the old wisdom you heard growing up in fact turns out to be true? For example, are carrots actually good for your aging eyes? Read More … And what about Apples? Is an apple a day really a wise idea?  Turns out those apple peals we often toss may be of real benefit to aging muscle tissue. Read More

Bookmark This: You Need to Meet This Doctor:
For practical and useful common sense health advice from a Board certified physician specializing in aging and the elderly, meet Geriatrician Dr. Leslie Kernison: Read More

For more information about geriatricians, and the current nationwide shortage of these trained professionals, despite our growing senior population, see the following: Read More  

Curious what advice doctors often share with their own circle of aging family and friends? Read More

Age Explain: Who are “Elder Orphans”? 
As demographic changes mean more of the population lives longer, it also means many people outlive their family members, friends or others who could provide support and assistance.  For those who grow old alone, the challenges are many. Read More

THE LAST WORD: “Inside every old person is a younger person wondering what happened…”  Jennifer Yane