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April 7th, 2016

Good morning and welcome to agebuzz… Headlining today’s topics:

Everything You Want to Know About: Medicare:  Dealing with medical issues can be frustrating and worrisome... then trying to figure out what’s covered by insurance can add a whole other layer of burden and concern.  For older patients and their families, figuring out what Medicare covers and doesn’t, and whether things will change in the future, can really be a challenge.  Enter the Kaiser Family Foundation, one of the best sources for health information out there.  They have just released their latest issue brief on Medicare, providing a comprehensive overview of this federally financed insurance program for older and disabled individuals.  So grab your reading glasses and Read This.

History Lesson: A 21st Century Tool To Preserve Your Family History: In this fast paced age of constant informational and visual updates, it can be overwhelming to hold onto the “stuff” of family memories, be it stories, images, videos, audio clips or other ephemera. How to preserve all of this can be an overwhelming task.  The solution?  The History Project, an online time capsule tool that allows you to capture all of these disparate memories into one central online place.  Now available on a public platform, check out this new website that even the New York Times and HBO have begun collaborating with. Dig out that old shoe box of photos and Read This.

Carry It With You: What To Bring For a Doctor’s Visit: Does this sound familiar? Waiting in a doctor’s office, flipping through a magazine, sitting in the exam room wondering how much longer. For many of us, this commonly occurs at a medical visit.  So too does “white coat syndrome” ie, being so anxious at the doctor that your blood pressure rises or anxiety colors your interactions.  There are many reasons we may not remember all of the details of our medical situation or all of the questions we may have once we finally see the doctor.  Next Avenue, a wonderful source of aging information produced by PBS, recently published an article with helpful suggestions of exactly what to bring with you on your next doctor visit, so as to avoid memory lapses or miscommunication. So take out your notebook, jot down their suggestions and Read This.

They’re On The Case: The Dept. of Justice Fights Elder Abuse: Every year millions of older individuals are victims of elder abuse.  Such abuse can encompass physical assault, verbal threats, neglect or even theft of financial assets.  While some victimization is clear and unmistakable, often it stays in the shadows and remains unrecognized and unreported.  The United States Department of Justice maintains a comprehensive website to help government officials, service providers as well as victims and their families report and find assistance for these tragic situations. To learn more about the DOJ Elder Justice Initiative, Read This.

The Play’s The Thing: The Stunning American Premier of “The Father”: French playwright Florian Zeller, described as “one of the hottest literary talents in France,” is only 36 years old.  Yet his play, The Father, details one of the most nuanced and realistic portrayals of dementia and cognitive decline ever to appear on a theater stage.  After being heralded by British theater critics as a five star “savagely honest” depiction of dementia, the play has now made it to American shores where it is about to open on Broadway.  With actor Frank Langella in the title role, this production is sure to have critics and audiences alike deeply enthralled as they witness the bewildering confusion and chaos of what it’s like to slowly lose one’s sense of self and reality. The Father opens April 14th at the Samuel J Friedman Theater of the Manhattan Theater Club.  For insight into the mind of this young playwright, Read This.

Living Without Regrets: Catch a Ride With The Oldest Female Skydiver: While in this day and age there’s nothing so remarkable about reaching the age of 82, not all 82 year olds are alike.  Take the case of 82 year old Dylis Price, the world record holder for the oldest female skydiver. Not only is she a lovely, articulate woman who still enjoys life with complete gusto, she is also the founder of Touch Trust, a Welsh philanthropy that addresses the needs of severely disabled and impaired individuals. In the video that follows, catch Dylis as she jumps from a plane, falls in the sky and lands in our hearts. Watch this and smile.

THE LAST WORD: "Birthdays are ghost bounty hunters that track you down to ask, “Que pasa, baby?” Jim Harrison