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April 14th, 2016

Good morning and welcome to agebuzz… Headlining today’s topics:

The Host With The Most: Older Airbnb Hosts Are The Best Reviewed: Prepping for overnight guests is not always a pleasant task- beds need to be made, rooms tidied up, all with the goal of making the place look presentable. But with dollar signs in mind, some seniors have begun making themselves professional hosts- through the room rental website Airbnb. In fact, females over 60 are now the best reviewed hosts on the site, and the number of seniors hosting renters has grown by 102% in the last year. For those retired or without sufficient funds, this is an especially welcome way to earn extra income. So grab your suitcases and Read This.

Climate Change: Does Body Temperature Affect Alzheimer’s Symptoms? Progress toward relieving the symptoms of Alzheimer’s has been frustratingly slow.  This is especially worrisome given our aging population. Yet one recent study suggests a possible new approach to lessening the burden of Alzheimer’s. Canadian researchers tested the hypothesis that lower body temperatures may lead to the greater manifestation of such symptoms as memory loss, but increasing body temperature may correlate with fewer Alzheimer’s symptoms.  To find out about their results, turn up the heat and Read This.

Artistic Endeavors: A Creative Online Place for Women Over Sixty: Women of a certain age sometimes feel invisible. Their work life is often undervalued. Their children are grown and independent. Their stories are often absent from popular culture. Yet at the same time women are frequently entering a creative and rich period of their lives after age 60. To capture their voices and creativity, enter Persimmon Tree. With contributions ranging from fiction to poetry to nonfiction and art, this online quarterly magazine gives voice to a range of issues and emotions, all created by women over 60. To subscribe or submit, Read This.

Cruise Control: Guidance For Older Drivers And Their Families: Safety on the road is a serious concern- for both the driver and those who may come into contact with the driver. Chances are that many older drivers may become less adept at navigating the roads, either at certain times of the day or in certain situations. Realizing you may need to curtail your own driving, or initiate a conversation with an older loved one, is a troubling prospect. The National Institute on Aging has a comprehensive website that provides information and conversation starters on older driving. To find out what they recommend, buckle up and Read This.

A Top Tablet: A Review Of The GrandPad - A Tablet For Older Users:  Few of us can keep up with the daily barrage of photos, texts, phone calls, or e-mails we receive. Some days you just want to crawl under the covers rather than face the onslaught of the day’s flow of info. But for those who have trouble operating the devices that deliver this info, it’s easy to feel left out- they've missed the latest posting on Facebook or haven't seen the newest photo on Instagram. There’s now a tablet, however, that allows the “untech” savvy to easily access this info stream. It’s called “The GrandPad.”  For an indepth and independent review of the GrandPad, Read This.

In The Groove: Riff With This 77 Year Old Female Blues Guitarist: Some of us have never quite let go of the fantasy of being a rock star and jamming with some of the greatest. For 77 year old Beverly Watkins, that life has been reality. As a pioneering female blues guitar player, Beverly has toured the country with some of the best musicians ever: James Brown, BB King and Otis Redding, to name a few.  While her life hasn't been easy, scraping by with cleaning jobs to make ends meet for example, she has never given up her music and has no plans to stop.  As Beverly makes clear, “It’s keeping me living.” Raise the volume and Watch This.

THE LAST WORD: "The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age.” Lucille Ball